Asics Fuzex review from customer

fuzex löpning

The older fuzex model

The upper part of the shoe looks really nice and clean but I’m not sure if it will breathe very well since it is thicker than the usual, much thinner mesh used in many other models such as the Asics Cumulus for example. The upper part is also seamless which decreases the chance of getting sore feet, blisters and uncomfortable pressure points.

The characteristic of the Asics fuzeX is the unique mix of foam and gel in the shoe. When I took the fuzeX for a test run it was very soft and responsive. And unlike other Asics models, the heel drop is a little bit lower at 8 millimeters. The FuzeGEL technology is Asics GEL material blended with the main EVA foam from the center of the shoe around the back of the heel with windows that decreases shock and gives you good bounce.

The outsole of the Asics fuzeX is a mix of blown rubber, for extra softness, and carbon rubber around the front part of the foot and in the heel for extra durability and traction.

Asics fuzeX overall is a good running shoe with a really nice, clean look. Some things still can be improvemed though. The fuxeX is narrow in the front and personally I would like the forefoot to be slightly wider. While also the upper part of the shoe should be thinner for better breathability.

Kari Traa sock compression review

Kari Traa – I’m pretty attached to my socks as a runner. My girfriend  would say most girls are also the same. I own over 50 pairs of socks and my gf has about the same number. Although hers are a little different colour.

Kari Traa Svala Sock

Below my gf talks about a pair of her compression socks she has been using for running.

I started wearing this particular Kari Traa Svala Sock about one year ago. I actually own over 3 pairs of these in different colors. My socks dont always match my outfit, but for running who really cares.

This particular Kari Traa strumpor model provides a light grade of compression and is suitable for all types of running and even for recovery days.

For myself these Kari Traa socks fit my legs perfect the gradient of compression feels about right, providing great support and no pressure points around my calf muscle as some other socks i have tried.

It was my boyfriend that convinced me to run with compression socks, since i have been struggling with overly tight calf muscles and sometimes cramp. I like the look of the Kari Traa clothing and decided to give these ago, ofcourse with numerous other Kari Traa clothing 🙂

The socks i fell in love with and my usual 10km loop i lost all problems with cramp and the full feeling in my calf muscles was cut by around 60%. I found i could run back to back days, without the need of resting between each run.

This meant i could increase my running from 3 days a week, up to around 5-6 days. Which hopefully help me run my first stockholm marathon this year.

Thank your Kari Traa!


Asics FjuiTrail Packable Jacket review

Asics FjuiTrail Packable Jacket.

A packable jacket is handy for running

While its starting to warm up in Sweden, there is still a bit of chill in the air. It becomes time to move away from the winter jacket and into something more breathable and lightweight.

A packable jacket is handy for running. Typically you find on longer runs you remove you jacket numerous times when you start to overheat. The jacket needs to be lightweight, packable and easy to store while running.

Asics returned with their popular FujiTrail jacket in 2016 which is part of their protect line of running clothes. These asics clothes designed for inclement weather conditions. After spending a season running in the Asics FjuiTrail Packable Jacket, I can say it’s nearly the perfect jacket for the type of weather we have now.

asics fuji trail löpning

Initial Impressions of the Asics FujiTrail Packable Jacket

The first thing you notice with the Asics Fuji Trail Packable Jacket is how lightweight and thin the fabric is, which is what is needed for a running good lightweight running jacket. You also don’t want it to be too cumbersome or restrictive when running on the road or trail.

The downside to the jacket is that it lacks many pockets including a small pocket to hold a key,gel or ID card but the larger pocket is designed to pack the jacket inside itself.

The Asics packable jacket fits a bit snug, which is often the case with sizing from brands located in Asia. I am most often a size Small, although with this jacket i fit into a medium better. and which was the size I tested.

Overall the Asics FujiTrail Packable Jacket fitted my body shape well, but I could feel a little bit restrictive across the chest when moving my arms above my head, but this is not something common to do when running. The snugness reminds you of a suit jacket that hugs you tight around the shoulders.

The jacket I can say it works great for a running jacket and we know 100% this is what is was designed for. The material is designed to keep the rain off you, while saving weight. But i found you will still get moderately wet when running in heavy rain which is to be expected.

While being resonably breatheable i still found myself overheating in weather warmer than 12degress, but for a superlight running jacket this is also to be expected.

Asics has made the Asics FujiTrail Packable Jacket in a variety of strange colors, from colors such as hot pink to yellow and orange camo style patterns. The navy blue color I used is a bit more subdued but is emblazoned with a black marbleized pattern.

Asics FuzeX Rush running shoe review

Asics FuzeX Rush running shoe review

Asics fuseX Rush M Asics fuseX Rush M/B/W 40.5

Moving into Asics FuzeX running shoes…

Asic FuzeX Rush – So after many years of running in Saucony shoes notably the Saucony Kinvara model. During the start of the 2017 season I made the decision to move across to asics shoes. Mainly because i was having slight problems with the toebox with my injured right toe. I was looking for a lightweight running shoe with a flexbile toe off and lightweight for my midweek tempo runs.

Asics FuzeX Rush.

The Asics FuzeX Rush is designed for the neutral runner looking for cushioning.

Straight out of the box the Asic FuzeX shoes felt notably light, weighing in at 253grams. The upper was constructed from a lightweight mesh upper with a slight seemless upper making it a versitile performance shoe for the neutral runner.

The sole provided a full length fuze gel outsole. While being quite soft, provided a degree of traction. The heel to toe drop measure at 8mm bringing it into the minimalist shoe category.

The first two weeks running in the Asics FuzeX Rush

While i found the soft sole and upper comfortable in my faster tempo workouts, i struggled a little with the grip in the wet weather. I found i was loosing traction during the push of phase of my gait. Although this was a problem in the wet, the shoe gave a great deal of traction during dry weather.

The upper breathed well and i never felt my feet overheating and no pressure points during my long runs. Coming from my saucony kinvara, i found this shoe provided a great deal of ventilation compared to the Kinvara.


The forefoot of the shoe was quite fexable. It Felt similar to what i had felt with the new balance mf800 many years ago. It gave a great deal of feeling and contriol, once my stride opened up in the temo workouts.

Although the FuseX are slightly too heavy to use for faster sessions, for marathon type workouts this shoe hits the nail on the head.


I was quite surprised with the mileage the asics fuzeX was handling. During these two weeks i managed to follow my running coach around 190km in these shoes with no noticable wear on the shoe. Although the lightweight fuxe midefoot sometimes had a tendencey to pick up small rocks under the midfoot

More to come from another month of mileage…..