Asics Fuzex review from customer

The older fuzex model

The upper part of the shoe looks really nice and clean but I’m not sure if it will breathe very well since it is thicker than the usual, much thinner mesh used in many other models such as the Asics Cumulus for example. The upper part is also seamless which decreases the chance of getting sore feet, blisters and uncomfortable pressure points.

The characteristic of the Asics fuzeX is the unique mix of foam and gel in the shoe. When I took the fuzeX for a test run it was very soft and responsive. And unlike other Asics models, the heel drop is a little bit lower at 8 millimeters. The FuzeGEL technology is Asics GEL material blended with the main EVA foam from the center of the shoe around the back of the heel with windows that decreases shock and gives you good bounce.

The outsole of the Asics fuzeX is a mix of blown rubber, for extra softness, and carbon rubber around the front part of the foot and in the heel for extra durability and traction.

Asics fuzeX overall is a good running shoe with a really nice, clean look. Some things still can be improvemed though. The fuxeX is narrow in the front and personally I would like the forefoot to be slightly wider. While also the upper part of the shoe should be thinner for better breathability.

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