Kari Traa sock compression review

Kari Traa – I’m pretty attached to my socks as a runner. My girfriend  would say most girls are also the same. I own over 50 pairs of socks and my gf has about the same number. Although hers are a little different colour.

Kari Traa Svala Sock

Below my gf talks about a pair of her compression socks she has been using for running.

I started wearing this particular Kari Traa Svala Sock about one year ago. I actually own over 3 pairs of these in different colors. My socks dont always match my outfit, but for running who really cares.

This particular Kari Traa strumpor model provides a light grade of compression and is suitable for all types of running and even for recovery days.

For myself these Kari Traa socks fit my legs perfect the gradient of compression feels about right, providing great support and no pressure points around my calf muscle as some other socks i have tried.

It was my boyfriend that convinced me to run with compression socks, since i have been struggling with overly tight calf muscles and sometimes cramp. I like the look of the Kari Traa clothing and decided to give these ago, ofcourse with numerous other Kari Traa clothing 🙂

The socks i fell in love with and my usual 10km loop i lost all problems with cramp and the full feeling in my calf muscles was cut by around 60%. I found i could run back to back days, without the need of resting between each run.

This meant i could increase my running from 3 days a week, up to around 5-6 days. Which hopefully help me run my first stockholm marathon this year.

Thank your Kari Traa!


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