Asics FuzeX Rush running shoe review

Asics FuzeX Rush running shoe review

Asics fuseX Rush M Asics fuseX Rush M/B/W 40.5

Moving into Asics FuzeX running shoes…

Asic FuzeX Rush – So after many years of running in Saucony shoes notably the Saucony Kinvara model. During the start of the 2017 season I made the decision to move across to asics shoes. Mainly because i was having slight problems with the toebox with my injured right toe. I was looking for a lightweight running shoe with a flexbile toe off and lightweight for my midweek tempo runs.

Asics FuzeX Rush.

The Asics FuzeX Rush is designed for the neutral runner looking for cushioning.

Straight out of the box the Asic FuzeX shoes felt notably light, weighing in at 253grams. The upper was constructed from a lightweight mesh upper with a slight seemless upper making it a versitile performance shoe for the neutral runner.

The sole provided a full length fuze gel outsole. While being quite soft, provided a degree of traction. The heel to toe drop measure at 8mm bringing it into the minimalist shoe category.

The first two weeks running in the Asics FuzeX Rush

While i found the soft sole and upper comfortable in my faster tempo workouts, i struggled a little with the grip in the wet weather. I found i was loosing traction during the push of phase of my gait. Although this was a problem in the wet, the shoe gave a great deal of traction during dry weather.

The upper breathed well and i never felt my feet overheating and no pressure points during my long runs. Coming from my saucony kinvara, i found this shoe provided a great deal of ventilation compared to the Kinvara.


The forefoot of the shoe was quite fexable. It Felt similar to what i had felt with the new balance mf800 many years ago. It gave a great deal of feeling and contriol, once my stride opened up in the temo workouts.

Although the FuseX are slightly too heavy to use for faster sessions, for marathon type workouts this shoe hits the nail on the head.


I was quite surprised with the mileage the asics fuzeX was handling. During these two weeks i managed to follow my running coach around 190km in these shoes with no noticable wear on the shoe. Although the lightweight fuxe midefoot sometimes had a tendencey to pick up small rocks under the midfoot

More to come from another month of mileage…..

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